Only one way to prove is if you try it.

However you will appreciate:
- How quick and simple it is
- We don’t ask unneccssary questions, including your data
- We have the lowest prices.
Quite simply no. We will only ask for your details after you have chosen a quote and we will not use your data for any 3rd party cold calling reasons.
Once you select your insurance plan, you may select the pay now / pay later option to pay via debit/credit cards. Or contact us at 800-PETRA to pay directly to the insurance company.
We are part of Petra insurance brokers, one of the pioneers in the insurance industry in the UAE since 1966. We are proud to be the reputable market leader with proven track records of loyal & satisfied clients and upping the customer service focus.
Once you enter the required details, you will get quote options within 30 seconds. You can review & compare quotes and proceed with purchasing the policy.
Have a clear idea of what you need. And check the benefits, premiums & insurance providers in the quotes received to decide.
Yes. You can contact us at 800-PETRA, and we will coordinate with the insurance company for the changes required on your behalf.
No. The policy taken has to be cancelled and reissued if you need to upgrade or downgrade a plan.
Please contact us at 800-PETRA or visit our contact page.


Check your Car Registration card and your Policy Schedule to know the renewal date of your Car Insurance. We also aim at reachingout to you prior to the renewal.
Yes, as long as no claims on your car insurance are made during the Period of Insurance, you will get your refund, subject to an admin fee.
We will give you a refund, as per the short-rate schedule.
We will give you a refund, as per the short-rate schedule.
In the unfortunate event of a claim, you will need to submit the following documents along with your claim form:
1. Copy of Driving License
2. Copy of Registration Card (or Mulkia)
3. Police report

Claim requests can also be made online on our website with just a few clicks. Please visit our contact page to get in touch with us.
Unfortunately, due to insurance premiums and terms being affected by the profile and driving experience of the driver, it is not possible to transfer the policy from one driver to another.
Depending on your vehicle type, specification and terms & conditions, you can be charged multiple excesses based on the nature of the incident.
We offer 2 levels of insurance for your vehicle:
1. Covers Third Party Liability
2. Comprehensive - Cover for Loss or Damage to the Insured Vehicle including enhanced protection and Third Party Liability
You will need the following documents to apply for a car insurance under a company name:
1. Trade License Copy
2. Main Driver’s License
3. Vehicle Registration Copy
4. Tax Registration Number
The excess (deductible) is your contribution made at the time of non-recoverable claim(s) due to an accident.
A No Claims Discount (NCD) is the discount given on your premium based on the driver’s experience (i.e. number of years without claims).
You can get agency repairs for up to two years from its first registration as new, and if you choose to extend it, you can do so for up to five more years, subject to an additional premium.
Insurance for high-value cars or sports cars can only be arranged on a referral basis. Call 800-PETRA for more information today.


The processing time will vary, and there is no set time; however, once you make a claim, we constantly endeavour to turn around your submission within one working day, provided that all the mandatory documents have been submitted.
The excess or deductible is your contribution made at the time of a claim.
A single-trip policy covers you only for a specified holiday/ trip, whereas an annual policy will cover you for multiple trips made during the year. While the policy coverage offered for our yearly and single trip policies are identical, the limits on the annual policy are applicable for every trip you make.
Unfortunately, cancellation on the grounds of war or terrorism isn’t covered by your policy or within the terrorism extension.
An annual policy provides cover for multi-trips for up to a maximum of 92 days during each travel period.
Skiing cover is provided on a range of skiing benefits for customers who want to participate in normal winter sports activities. Please tick this box when requesting a quotation online. A premium charge will be made for this extension.
A pre-existing condition is:
- Any defect, infirmity or condition for which treatment (including medication), investigation or advice has been prescribed or received in the 12 months before the issue of the policy (for single trips) or
- In the 12 months before booking your trip (for Annual Multi Trips), whether investigated by a Medical Practitioner or not, any ongoing or recurring medical condition (or complication directly or indirectly attributed to that condition) or you are on a waiting list to receive medical advice or treatment.
Unfortunately, travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition cannot be offered. Please refer to the pre-existing condition definition for further clarity.
Our policies offer protection and reassurance for claims arising due to the Covid-19 outbreak
• Travelling against any Government restrictions or advice
• Changes to local Government travel advice while you’re away
• Not wanting to travel for fear of catching Covid-19
• Unlimited costs (each level of cover has a maximum benefit)
• Buying a policy after receiving a positive Covid-19 test result or while waiting for a Covid-19 test result when your trip starts within 14 days
• Following general advice from a government to self-isolate
• The cost of Covid-19 tests and your GP or medical practitioner advises not to travel due to pre-existing health conditions

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